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How we embrace the change – A watershed moment for brands

Last week our sister agency PrettyGreen, hosted a very informative breakfast briefing on REGULATIONS. Yes a word that strikes dread into a creative and marketeers mind…..but it turns out that restrictions can be viewed as an advantage and opportunity for more creative, left field thinking. Who knew….?

Note pads at the ready!

PrettyGreen’s The Clearing Breakfast Briefing explored how brands creatively address existing and new regulations that impact their products and industries.

The panellists were an impressive bunch including Nina Caplin (Red Bull), James Barge (ISBA), Abby Mangold (Mangold Consultancy) and Jess Hargreaves AKA Queen of ROI (PrettyGreen).

The briefing kicked off with a keynote by PrettyGreen’s planning director, Jo Hudson who explored how brands should embrace regulation and restriction as it can help frame the narrative they want to communicate. Jo also highlighted what is possible for brands by focusing on creative ideas for new channels that are relevant to the audience in relation to the brand rather than being too product-centric and sales focused.

Jo summarised the current issue and environment for brands with a sexy and simple 4 step process