Coming together to beat Coronavirus

How Coronavirus will change the world of events.

We’re seeing the world unite in a way it hasn’t on many other occasions, and although historically we usually prefer to unite physically, whether it be socially at a festival or pub, or whether we’re uniting on a wider politically scale at a march or rally people coming together can be a powerful thing.

These days, we’re seeing people uniting even more than before, but not physically in person, instead we’re choosing to connect virtually through the powers of technology, new and old we’re learning and adapting our everyday lives to live in a virtual world.

In this time of COVID-19, many of our clients are coming to us wanting to understand how experiential marketing can be helpful, and genuinely connect and communicate with people, sometimes changing brand strategy, to prevent capitalising on the output. The beauty of live events has always been the connection between people – which is still possible!

However, we need to consider the audience’s needs have changed dramatically, as well as their access to products and services via retail channels. It’s important that brands consider how we can be additive to our audience’s lives, serving them through escapism, entertainment, education, support, continuing always to deliver an emotional and tangible connection to the audiences.

There are so many technologies; both existing and brand new that will help recreate this connection. We have been working on how these different technologies can help brands to help people, but perhaps more importantly people to people.

If you want to see our full study of Events in a Virtual World and some key experiential principles to retain then please email [email protected] and we would be happy to take you through. Just a few of the technologies below are effective ways to break the fourth wall of the computer screen, even if it’s just to break up the zoom calls!