What about the Christmas party?!

As teams across all sectors are settling into working from home, people and culture initiatives are becoming even more important to humanise the business. With 86% of organisations usually throwing a Christmas party, and the uncertainty of IRL events over the winter period, many organisations need to look at retaining the benefits of a Christmas party, but need to do so in a different way.

Throughout the lockdown period we have been producing a range of virtual experiences for some of our clients, Nando’s, Pantene & LEGO to name a few. Consequently, as a production agency, we have been working on a solution to help re-create the most anticipated event of the work calendar, the Christmas party, in a way that encapsulates everything a Christmas party has to offer, but in our new online world.  Introducing…..The Virtual Christmas Party 2020.

A fully personalised Christmas agenda for your team. Christmas telegrams from familiar faces to drink tastings to crafts & games. We have been working to create an agenda to make your teams smile this festive season…when it’s more important than ever!

But it’s not only the Christmas party that we can deliver virtually; from conferences, inspiration sessions or simply a monthly social, we can help you re-create the comradery we all feel with our IRL colleagues in a way that brings special team moments to you, but virtually!

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