BOOM….creativity! Practical techniques for creative thinking

We are always trying to find different ways to be more creative here at The Producers, so a couple of weeks ago, we took the day out to learn some different techniques from friend of the agency Scott Morrison, founder of Unleash The BOOM.

Although all of us know that time is a great facilitator of creativity, it’s something that within the industry (and in life in general) we don’t have much of. Taking this day out gave us the time to really dissect a creative problem but we also came away with a series of individual shorter workshops we can utilise when try to find a creative solution as part of our “busy” days.

The top three things we took from the day and wanted to remind ourselves of whenever we need a moment of creativity are:

  1. The difference between a good idea and a bad idea isn’t very big – with one small tweak a “bad” idea can help you approach the problem in a different way
  2. We are creating things for the world around us, so go and spend some time in it. Getting out of the office and noticing the world around you with the specific problem in our minds can open up the solution for our target audience
  3. Create your desired output before you find a way of reaching it… knowing what success looks like means everyone has a united goal, having a visual representation of that means you all have a reference point and joint aim!

Opening our minds to different approaches will ensure fresh ideas and we are already seeing exciting outputs of this different way of thinking!