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Who runs the world…Girls!! The power of the female networking event

Lean in…

…a little closer… closer…..perfect!

Good…we’ve got your attention!

As we all know women in leadership (and women equality in general) is a hot topic; equal pay, not having a voice or being outnumbered by males in leadership are just a few of the problems we face. So, you can imagine, being a predominately female team, when our good friends at Virgin Media approached us wanting to kick start their own ‘Lean In’ community we said…YES PLEASE.

So what is Lean In?

Lean In is an organisation with a mission to change the trajectory of women, by empowering women to achieve their ambitions and in doing so leading to change the way we think about gender.

Our first mission as The Producers was to bring awareness to Virgin Media’s Lean In community and bring the female workforce together to discuss key topics and plan for the future.

Inviting the women of Virgin Media UK to London, we hosted a relaxed inspiring evening event hosted by leading women in the organisation, to meet, talk, discuss key issues, be inspired  and most importantly to feel the support of one another.

Research shows that we feel more confident and are able to accomplish more in groups. So to be able to support our fellow gals with, food, drinks, inspiring conversations and a jolly good time meant that we were playing our part in changing perceptions and changing lives.

Girl power 💥