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Has Halloween become the experience holiday?

The full fear experience…
On this hallowed eve, we take a look at two brands, Fanta and Kraken Rum and how they have hung their pointy hat on Halloween as their holiday of choice. By partnering with well known entertainment brands to really bring their versions of Halloween to life as part of wider marketing campaigns, these brands have embedded themselves as trail blazers for Halloween Marketing.
Fanta Marketing Manager, Rosalind Brown explains that what “Coca-Cola is to Christmas, Fanta is to Halloween” and by executing the brands largest ever campaign including a limited edition product, influencer engagement, snapchat filters and lenses and finally by partnering with Merlin Entertainment on their biggest ever experience “The Twisted Carnival” they really have gone all in on the Holiday. The Twisted Carnival is a fully immersive experience touring the countries shopping centre’s – we think the experience is summed up perfectly by LADbible’s live video run through. Look forward to seeing what’s next for 2019.
Kraken, and it’s namesakes mystical creature opened their next iteration of ScreamFest, a global initiative which sees events happen around the country to harness the fear of the Kraken. In the UK, the team worked with Les Enfant Terribles to create ScreamFest: Ocean of Souls, a fully immersive experience at which guests were taken to the underworld, asked to surrender their souls and generally party in the Kraken’s Lair. A generous and intriguing event that was in equal parts surprising and spooky… Not sure when we get our souls back though…
We look forward to being scared almost to death, intrigued and most of all entertained by how brands will embrace the importance of “experience” at Halloween from here on out!