Five Times Faster with Virgin Media – taking the pain out of switching your broadband

We all know what a drag it is when you move into a new place and try to change your broadband provider and what should be a simple “yes, no problem sir / madam, I’m switching your account over now”, turns into a 3 week wait for a new box and then hours on the phone to try and set it up. And if you are in a block of flats, somehow it seems to be even more complex.
Which posed the question…WHY IS IT SO HARD?
Well, Virgin Media decided that they would help take this pain away from their customers and last week we kicked off a new initiative to let the people of London know that they could get five times faster internet in their buildings…by actually going to their buildings.
And we aren’t stopping there, we will be bringing a bit of fun to the morning slog by inviting residents to take part in some “on the spot” gameshow action with our big red button. We know that time is short especially when you are racing to work so our Virgin Media activation is quick and snappy but with maximum reward.
By registering their interest, residents are invited to push the big red button to entered into a fab competition to win a Virgin Experience days voucher. Plus no-one leave empty handed with hand crafted Virgin media cookies to enjoy with you 11am cup of tea.
All in all a less stressful way to start your working day.
We kicked things off last week at Merchant Square in Paddington, so if you live in a tower block in London watch out for your new neighbours coming to say hello!