Moving Pains – how moving office is unlocking our creativity!

We’ve moved to the “ditch”

Moving home is never as fun as you think it’s going to be, with endless packing, sorting, throwing, cleaning then doing it all again at the other side…

But once you are…yummmmmm.

After many years in our St John’s Street home we have packed up our laptop bags and humped our way up to Old Street Roundabout. Tech City to be precise.

The days of Nathan Barley types roaming around the streets of Shoreditch are sadly no more (Charlie Brooker and Chris Morris – pure genius), but the buzz, excitement and pure raw energy of start-ups, creatives, tech companies and loads of freethinking freelancers is infectious. And we have caught the bug.

Here are the top 5 things we LOVE about our new office at The White Collar Factory:

  • You can bring dogs to work…
  • You can go for a run on the roof or have a coffee or cocktail in the rooftop with Workshop coffee.. (café latte expresso mochaccino please with an extra shot)
  • There is a soft play area with lots of triangular foam things to help you find the ultimate creative thinking position. And it’s orange which we all know stimulates creativity….ohhh, squishy.
  • The toilets are amazing – they always have toilet paper and the perfect “putting your face on” lighting
  • The lifts talk to you – apparently “any input is possible”. Everytime…any input. Makes up laugh.

So that’s us…we are in.

If you fancy coming to check out our lifts or soft play area drop us a line. We would love to see you.