Nando’s feed the country for free… one wing at a time.

Ever fancied a Nando’s in bed but not had the energy to actually rise out of your Sunday slumber to get to a restaurant?

Well, fear not! We’re doing all the leg work for you.

We’re 5 weeks into a 6-week tour, traveling the length and breadth of the UK feeding you chicken-lovers every step of the way.

Starting in Birmingham we’ve made our way up to Newcastle, back down again to Sheffield, and then across the Severn bridge to Cardiff. We’ve been dishing out your favourite PERi-PERi sauce as you hop on a train starting your daily commute, as well as inspiring you aspiring chefs to get your hands dirty with a brand new Nando’s pasta recipe and a voucher to help you on your way to becoming the best cook in the family.

If we missed you on your commute because you were “sick” that day, then we might have seen you in the city centre where we invited you over to our house (literally). Where we served up free chicken wings and halloumi cheese all day for you to enjoy on the house at your leisure.

Shopping can be labour intensive, and we wanted you to take the weight off your feet, kick back, and enjoy your Nando’s from a home away from home. Whether it be in the living room in front of the telly, in the dining room with your friends and family, in the garden soaking up the sun, or spending the morning after the night before in bed, all made better with Nando’s by your side.

Although our Nando’s house won’t be in your city forever we want you to know that the joy of eating Nando’s at Home will be, with Nando’s new home delivery service! To check if they deliver to you just visit https://get.nandos.co.uk

Bristol, we’re coming for you next!