Audible: HAG

Hag: (noun)A hag is a wizened old woman, or a kind of fairy or goddess having the appearance of such a woman, often found in folklore and children’s tales…

…Audible Hag: The Past, Present and Future of Folklore.

This Augustwe created a multi-sensory immersive exhibition in the centre of London’s Soho,leading visitors through sound-rich installations and experiences thatbrought to life the past, present & future Folkloretales.

Theinteractive content showcasedeight original folklore tales re written with a modern-day, feminist twist – which we brought to life in physical form through thought-provoking and creative installations.

Hosted at The Vinyl Factory, Soho, eachvisitor was transported into a mystical space through storytelling, enchanting and highly curated Instagram-readyexhibits that placed you in the centre of the story. Eight regional Folklore tales werere-imagined by some of the UK’s most exciting and current female authors which explores otherness, identity, faith, religion, gender and trauma.

Each installation allowed visitors to immersive themselves not only in the audio but also the world of each story. From infinity fairy realms to, rowing through ocean waves and making botanical Posey’s for luck and prosperity or getting lost in a forest that ledged has it was home to the fabled Woolpit children.

If you missed out or you were left wanting more, head to Audible, search for HAG and download the eight new exclusive stories and let yourself be transported to a modern-day mystical space.