Supporting our friends, colleagues and partners to lights up the nation and raise awareness of the challenges in the events industry. #Wemakeevents

Here at The Producers we have seen how the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has impacted our clients, and, we have all seen how this has forced many sectors to adapt and re-evaluate how they operate safely in a Covid 19 world. 

Whether that is through a greater move online or implementing social distancing measures in the physical world, the ultimate take out has been a need to reduce capacities to minimise transmission. While for many sectors this has created difficulties, many have been able to adapt in the short term, but in the wider events industry, this is not so simple.

Reduced capacities and social distancing measures inherently cause significant challenges for events both from a commercial perspective as well as from the magical atmosphere and experience that only live events can deliver. For example,   

  • Our friends at Arts venues and theatres rely on sell out audiences of hundreds, if not thousands, often to be able break even
  • Our network of promoters at Major festivals need large audiences to cover costs of talent and infrastructure to make hosting the event viable
  • Event spaces need to offer their clients a guaranteed minimum audience threshold to host events in community spaces and event venues 
  • And our Clients brands need to demonstrate ROI by maximising footfall, reach and engagement

Consequently, delivering events, at scale, is simply not an option for most and this has a huge knock on effect throughout the wider industry supply chain. 

There are 1 million+ highly skilled professionals who work to service our industry in areas such as audio, production, lighting, video, logistics, planning, transportation and technology bringing over £100billion to the economy. We work with many, often on a freelance or project to project basis, and since April many of our suppliers and colleagues have had no work with little likelihood of restarting until spring 2021. 

That is why we are passionately supporting the RED ALERT DAY OF ACTION and #WeMakeEvents campaign. An industry wide movement that seeks to highlight that without support, the UK is in danger of losing its global position as a leader in world class events. But, more importantly, the worrying sign that our incredible creatives and technicians could lose their livelihoods for good. 

On Tuesday 11th August, we took part in the nationwide action, showing support on the ground as The Southbank was lit up red, joining thousands of our industry friends and colleagues to shine a red light on the issue with three key asks:

  1. Grants – not loans – made available to businesses in the event supply chain to see them through these difficult times
  2. Furlough scheme extended until the industry is back to work 
  3. Extension to the self-employment scheme, tailored towards the industry 

A loss of so many businesses would not only be heart breaking, but also create a huge talent gap which takes many years of industry experience to evolve. That’s why the team at The Producers are committed to support our friends, colleagues and partners in their action, to make our industries voice heard and ensure a serviceable sector remains. #WeMakeEvents

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