What and how should we be measuring effectiveness?

It’s always useful to share and learn from our partners in the industry.  The PRCA invited our Group MD Jess Hargreaves, who has loves a discussion on how to measure effectiveness, given that she previously chaired the IPM  Experiential Council who have been testing & developing an experiential industry standard for measurement. 

So can campaigns prove that they deliver a change in behaviour & ultimately ROI?

Our key out-takes from the panel debate:

  1. Measurement needs to be continual in order to succeed – not just at the start or end of the campaign but at the start of the product development – test, learn, adapt and go again 
  2. Collaborate & integrate – no channel should operate as a silo so use an integrated dashboard and make it a shared document between brand Y& agencies – try the AMEC framework, it works!
  3. Don’t drown in data – question WHY – what are your objectives and therefore what analysis will help you understand if you have delivered? 
  4. Use your common sense and trust your customer – go and talk to them and know how they consume and what they want before you embark on a marketing campaign
  5. PR like experiential is an effective marketing channel that can deliver emotional engagement & long-term brand effectiveness, it’s proven.. thank you Binet & Field.

Thanks to the panel & hosts:  Chelsey [email protected], Fernando [email protected], Jess [email protected], Kat [email protected], Paul [email protected] & Jess [email protected] & The Producers