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UK’s First Non-Binary Sculpture for Audible UK –

Yo ho, yo ho a pirate’s life for us. ‘Inexorable’ – a real passion project, produced by The Producers made its debut mark in our hometown of London last week, ahead of travelling down to its forever home of Burgh Island, Devon.

Over the last three months we’ve been working behind the scenes with Audible podcast producers and artist Amanda Cotton to immerse ourselves into the true-life adventures of pirates Anne Bonny and Mary Read.  As the production agency we were tasked with bringing the pair to life & to find their final home. Little is known about Anne (born in Ireland 1697) and Mary (born in England 1685) as their story was largely overlooked by male historians. As the old sailor’s adage goes, a woman on board invites bad luck, a superstition that turned out to be true for the enemies of notorious pirates Anne Bonny and Mary Read.

The Audible series Hell Cats explores their story, themes of equality, freedom, love and survival. Ultimately it is a story about the determination to live fully and freely without the limitation of gender, class or society – a life without restraint.

As Audible’s lead production agency, we wanted to stay true, and champion the narrative creating Britain’s first non-binary statue by committing to having an all-female production team working on this project. From project ideation, production delivery, experiential marketing, artists and photographers.

Our focus was to bring to life both Anne and Mary’s personalities, and individual experiences in a physical form, as well as exhibiting their unconditional connection for one another. Knowing that they always felt at home at sea, it was important to the team that Anne and Mary were represented as close to the sea as possible. Focussing on natural surroundings of their permanent location of Burgh Island, the design and materials of the statue had to feel as if it had always been part of the island and sea. Using dark, dangerous, and geometric colours and shapes to replicate those of neighbouring cliff faces and rocks, but using smaller accents such as rose quartz, shells and metallic minerals to signify their romantic connection and ultimately magpie instincts.

“The sculpture’s design is a metaphor for Bonny and Read’s personality, Fire & Earth. Individually they are strong independent women but when Anne (Fire) & Mary (Earth) combine they are dangerously unstoppable. Anne’s passion fuels Mary’s determination, and Mary’s patience channel’s Anne onto a path. Together they erupt like an inexorable volcano, they are the: ’Inexorable’ Hell Cats.” Ultimately, the statue will show how the Sea (Water) is as much a part of Anne & Mary’s story as fire & earth. The marine concrete the sculpture is made of will, over time, create a habitable environment for the surrounding wildlife, whilst being cast into the natural rock so that the two figures truly become one with their environment.” – Artist, Amanda Cotton.

‘Inexorable’ hit the headlines last week as it made its first public appearance at Execution Dock, notorious for its pirate heritage, on the bank of the Thames in Wapping, London and with great excitement we cannot wait to install on the island in the new year! Keep your eyes peeled for more.