Cutting through the 5G Clutter


Increase consumer awareness of 5G launching in the UK and cement Three as the desired mobile provider and showcase innovative uses of 5G to demonstrate the impact 5G will have on daily life.


We knew that the main barrier to understanding Three’s 5G offering was that the majority ofconsumers cannot see the immediate and tangible benefit of 5G.  In order to demonstrate the importance of the launch of Three’s 5G network, we needed a way to showcase the significant leap forward 5G provides. We needed a delivery method that would resonate with a mainstream audience, moving away from disengaging, technical language and instead ‘showing’ rather than just ‘telling’ the 5G story in a meaningful manner. In other words, how could we make 5G sexy?


Three transformed and democratised the catwalk with a series of 5G enabled fashion firsts at Central Saint Martin’s coveted MA Show to celebrate the launch of its 5G network.​

Through volumetric capture we created a digital version of activist and supermodel, Adwoa Aboah, wearing a design from one of the MA students. Adowa then walked the catwalk virtually whilst real life Adowa watched on from the FROW alongside other famous faces.​

AR Adwoa was made available to consumers through a web AR link distributed via Adwoa’s and Three’s social channels. Communities could place the AR model into whatever environment they wished, through their own handsets