A Christmas carousel featuring epic brick-built ‘rebuilds’ from the brand’s 2021 Holiday TV campaign, alongside children’s LEGO creative ideas submitted digitally from around the UK


To highlight the holiday TV campaign by emphasising the importance of imagination and creative problem solving. Through the lens of passion points, LEGO wanted to show their breadth of products whilst being at the forefront of parent’s minds for Christmas gifts.


Bring characters of the advert to life on the carousel, whilst giving children a creative problem-solving task to search for the festive LEGO brick heads amongst the carousel.

Encouraging children from around the world to participate in building LEGO creations and sharing them within the installation to unify children’s imagination.

To leave a memorable impact on consumers in the festive period and give out vouchers at the end of the experience optimize store purchases.


A five week IRL walk-through experience situated in Covent Garden throughout the festive period, accompanied by a virtual walkthrough experience with Matterport appealing to mass audiences worldwide.

With a UGC at the heart of the campaign the entire experience was interactive and focused on the annual Build to Give campaign. As well as the business retail objective of driving to LSQ store.