Immersing London in the unexpected sites of China with Air China


To create an event which reimagines the top ‘bucket list experiences’ for media & UK consumers by showcasing the hidden gems of China.


Less Ordinary Solution

By celebrating the combination heritage & modern day China by immersing people in it.


Using Chinese New Year as a calendar hook we brought China to London by creating a multi-sensory, technology lead event that allowed attendees to see, feel, smell and taste and their ‘dream’ experiences of China. Ending on a full celebratory Chinese New Year banquet designed and cooked by celebrity chef, Ching He Huang accompanied by traditional Chinese dragon and lion performances.

RFID touchpoints allows guests to share all their experiences via a personalised Boarding pass that was tapped throughout the journey on RFID points.



1 – Over 500 media and consumers over 2 days

9 – Over 500 posts on social media using #LandofLuck

90 – National coverage both online and print